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Culver Studios - New Bungalow Location

Located in Culver City, California, The Culver Studios is one of the entertainment industry’s most treasured independent film and television studios.  Originally built in 1918 by silent movie pioneer Thomas Ince, The Culver Studios has been home to some of the most famous productions in Hollywood history, including Citizen Kane and E.T.

Starting back in 2018, an Innovation Plan to completely modernize the lot – more than doubling its size – for “next-generation entertainment” was embarked upon, all while perserving the site’s historic structures.  Construction was completed in the Spring of 2021.

Mollenhauer was instrumental in capturing the historical aspects of the project including four (4) landmark bungalows and six (6) iconic sound stages.  Using our 3D laser scanning and BIM technology we were tasked to create 3D models of these historic spaces to ready them for relocation or demolition.  Mollenhauer also performed land surveying prior to the start of this massive construction project and Civil Engineering for ADA compliance.

Project Gallery:

Building Information Model of The Culver Studios – Coming soon.