Surveying & Mapping Overview

Surveying is the science of measuring and mapping relative positions above, on, or under the surface of the ground, or establishing such positions from a technical plan or from a title description. In the course of their work, professional surveyors must draw upon skills from multiple disciplines, including mathematics, measurement, interpretation, and the legal profession.

Mollenhauer has been at the forefront of the surveying and mapping profession in Southern California for over 80 years, with a particular emphasis on metropolitan Los Angeles. The firm has conducted surveys on a significant portion of major commercial buildings in downtown Los Angeles, providing the ability to perform updates on these properties quickly and more cost-effectively than starting from scratch.

Surveying & Mapping services provided by Mollenhauer include:

  • Aerial Photographic Surveys
  • Architectural Design Surveys
  • American Land & Title Association Surveys (ALTA)
  • As-built Surveys
  • Global Positioning Surveying (GPS)
  • High-Rise Construction Surveys
  • Medical Facilities Mapping & Surveys
  • Legal Descriptions & Exhibits
  • Pre-Construction Surveying Reviews
  • Photo-Documentation & Monitoring
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Residential Development Surveys
  • Right-of-Way Mapping & Engineering
  • Street Vacation
  • Utility & Detection Surveys

SINCE 1924

Mollenhauer Group has been helping clients since 1924.