The Culver Studios

Located in Culver City, California, The Culver Studios is one of the entertainment industry’s most treasured independent film and television studios.  Originally built in 1918 by silent movie pioneer Thomas Ince, The Culver Studios has been home to some of the most famous productions in Hollywood history, including Citizen Kane and E.T.

Starting back in 2018, an Innovation Plan to completely modernize the lot – more than doubling its size – for “next-generation entertainment” was embarked upon, all while perserving the site’s historic structures.  Construction is well underway and is slated for competion in Spring, 2021.

Mollenhauer has been instrumental in capturing the historical aspects of the project including four (4) landmark bungalows and six (6) iconic sound stages.  Using our 3D laser scanning and BIM technology we were tasked to create 3D models of these historic spaces to ready them for relocation or demolition.  Mollenhauer also performed land surveying prior to the start of this massive construction project.

Ennis Brown House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic, textile block Ennis Brown House is in a critical state. Years of California earthquakes and storms have severely weakened this unique Los Angeles masterwork to the point that it is now both unstable and in real danger of collapse.

Mollenhauer’s 3D surveying department carried out a controlled laser scan survey resulting in a set of highly accurate 3D data maps of the complex exterior and interior façades – taking just a few days.

Any structural movement can now be identified and measured. In addition to the monitoring application, the data can now be used to generate accurate 3D modeling as well as critical as-built visuals of the highly detailed architectural plans and sections.

Disney El Capitan Theater

The El Capitan Theatre has undergone a museum-grade restoration, and Mollenhauer provide a detailed survey as a foundation for an historical preservation design strategy. In so doing, Buena Vista Distribution was assured that the structure’s historical significance was preserved prior to the commencement of renovations.

The project includes the stage (which has been restored to its original 1926 legitimate-theater dimensions); a newly installed high-speed lift center stage; lighting; recently remodeled dressing rooms; and state-of-the-art special effects.

San Diego’s Gas Lamp District

The Gas Lamp District is one of Southern California’s premier dining, shopping and entertainment districts. Sidewalk cafes and open air restaurants, jazz clubs, late night dancing, resident artists and micro breweries all contribute to the festive spirit of the area.

Mollenhauer was asked to produce a survey-accurate registered point-cloud of data to be used for urban redevelopment visualization and planning. In less than five days, 95 scans of an area comprising fourteen city blocks. This data was then used by the redevelopment agency to assist local architects in developing plans for an improved pedestrian traffic flow and streetscape design. Most importantly, this data collection eliminated the need for repeated site visits from the design professionals. This data was also used for visual presentation purposes to help the local merchants understand where the congestion and overall aesthetic problems existed.

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