Los Angeles Community College District

As part of a massive adaptive re-use program, Mollenhauer is acquiring vast amounts of vital as-built data for the Los Angeles Community College District. Very little data currently exists, making analysis the current condition of buildings and their setting on the campus problematic.

In a time measured in days rather than weeks or months, Mollenhauer is able to carry out site surveys of the complex campus structure using high-precision laser scanners. This survey scan data is then used by students at the E7 Architectural Studio to generate 2D Architectural base data and 3D Rendered CAD Models – tools required for the Design and Construction Teams.

The data is also being used to build the next generation of 3D Building Information Management Systems (BIMs) to store and manage information more effectively and enable long-term facilities lifecycle management.

Hollywood & Highland

The Hollywood and Highland complex signaled completion of the first phase of the renaissance of Hollywood. Hailed as the “jewel in the crown” of an historic neighborhood revitalization, this entertainment and retail complex shares the same block with the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Mann’s Chinese theater.

The development includes the new Kodak Theatre (home of the Academy Awards), a Renaissance Hotel, numerous restaurants and retail spaces – as well as subterranean parking for over 3,000 cars.

Mollenhauer’s services included survey of the 10-acre site, preparation of the tentative and final tract maps to incorporate ownership of properties by MTA, CRA and the project’s developer.  Civil engineering services included the realignment of utilities to vacate Orchid Avenue, design of “B” permit street improvement plans and design of horizontal and vertical controls for the on-site improvements.

MTA Vermont & Wilshire

The Metro Transit Authority (MTA) has recently begun the development of land space above their subway tunnel platforms and entrances. These multi-use structures will include housing, retail and office space. Mollenhauer quickly piloted as-built surveys to expedite the design process. The project entailed the preparation of accurate as-built drawings of subway tunnel platform area for future design work.

A total of 26 scans were combined with existing drawings to accurately represent the subway tunnel and platform ‘box’. Engineering design work for multi-use structures above could then begin with confidence, knowing the precise location of critical structures.

The Tuscan Village – Sherman Oaks, California

Mollenhauer used its high-definition laser scanner to gather geo-information of numerous buildings and their surrounding environment in Sherman Oaks in preparation for a major new community development.

A powerful 3D model of the project site was generated, into which the architect’s proposed design could be precisely located. The result: an interactive virtual site model for the new development, capable of providing precise analytical information such as sun shading, lines of site, relational massing, and more.

The model facilitated the presentation of the project’s impact to city managers, planners and to the local community, alleviating fears and anxieties of local home owners. The same data will be used by the design and construction team as a critical tool to make the project a built reality.


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